I’m an experienced software developer from Ensenada, México, currently working as a Director of Engineering at HELIX RE, in San Francisco, California.

I’d say curiosity is one of my biggest strengths, and that has helped me get involved in the entire software development stack: from frontend, backend, and mobile app development to infrastructure engineering, QA, and performance testing. I’m a technologist at heart who loves solving hard problems; I’m a generalist who believes in using the right tool for the job. Building things is what I enjoy the most.

Side Projects

I’ve been involved in a number of interesting side projects. Most notably I participated on a Burning Man art installation (Hands by Dave Gertler). I worked on the wiring and installation for the ligthing and was in charge of writing the firmware. I also wrote an iPad app for controlling the LEDs using bluetooth technology. You can read more about that on my post.

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